The Kimbrough Team
business Spotlight

Over the years we have been blessed to meet and work with wonderful businesses right here in the Grand Valley. Our goal is to help get the word out about what amazing businesses we have right here in our local community and develop a platform to help champion their efforts! With this thought and mission in mind, we have created The Kimbrough Team Business Spotlight to share with others what we already know...that we have some really great local businesses! 

May Spotlight

JR's Carriage Service

(719) 671-7145

We are so glad we met Joe a few years ago! He is the owner of JR's Carriage Service, which provides carriage rides for wine tours, sunset tours and various events ranging from two people to more than 150 people. All of Joe's horses are purchased from Amish communities where they are specially trained and his carriages are hand-selected from craftsmen in Canada.

Watch the video to learn more; then hop on over to his website to book what's sure to be a great time with friends! 

March Spotlight

Rimrock Pools

2493 Highway 6 and 50, #1, Grand Junction, CO 81505
(970) 644-5094 or (970) 812-7951

This beautiful weather has us thinking of weekends spent outside by the pool, so what better business to have on our March Business Spotlight than Rimrock Pools? If you're thinking of putting in a pool this year, Rimrock Pools will take you through the entire process from start to finish! Watch the video below to learn more!

February Spotlight


New Location! 7th & Main, Downtown Grand Junction
Open 7 Days a Week 10:00AM - 6:00PM
(970) 812-8516

This month's Business Spotlight was a ton of fun! eBricks is a great local business that has many layers. Their retail store front includes a wide selection of LEGO® sets, as well as a Creation Station area, where you can spend time building your own unique LEGO® creation and buy various LEGO® pieces by the cup. eBricks also buys used LEGO® pieces and has collection of over a million different pieces for sale to complete any set you may have with a missing piece.

On top of all that, the store donates any damaged LEGO® parts from sets they buy to over 300 schools across the nation for classroom activities. They also work with universities, supplying sets for robotic training programs nationwide.





Suzzane with Tourné Cooking School offers private lessons, small group classes and a culinary boot camp to improve your cooking skills! You'll learn new recipes and techniques, all while having a great experience with friends.

December Spotlight

Desert Oasis Spa & Pools

2493 US-6 #1, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM-5PM

Lorie & Randy Zellner, Owners of Desert Oasis Spas & Pools, have started a program called Jets for Vets. Working closely with Operation Interdependence, the couple donates spas to veterans in need. To learn more about how you can help or to apply for a spa call or stop by the Desert Oasis store.