January 2017: Grand Junction Real Estate Market Stats

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Mesa County Historical Gross Sales Volume

Reported by Advanced Title Company

Residential Information for Mesa County

All data, except where noted otherwise, is reported from the GJARA MLS and believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. Figures shown reflect MLS transactions only and do not include transactions without a realtor. Except where noted, figures reflect residential sales of single family homes, condos and townhouses. 

Total Sales Volume ($Millions)




Number of Sales



Median Sales Price

Median Sales Price January 2017: $210,000

Active Listings

Number of Active Listings January 2017: 818


Average Days on Market January 2017: 105

Monthly Comparision

Average Days on Market Historical Comparison

On Average Homes Sold for 97.47% of their list price in January 2017


Use this chart on single family residential absorption rates to determine how long it takes to sell a home in each price range. For example, if you have a home listed at $250,000, it will take about 4 months to sell (in perfect circumstances).

January 1, 2016 - January 1, 2017

Price Range Sold Listings Active Listings Months of Inventory
0 - 100k 83 23 3.3
101k - 200k 1072 258 2.9
201k - 300k 969 297 3.7
301k - 400k 328 135 4.9
401k - 500k 172 65 4.5
501k - 700k 81 66 9.8
701k - 1 million 19 34 21.5
1 million - up 7 20 34.3

Median Sold Price by Area

January 2017


Grand Junction City: $167,000

NE Grand Junction: $210,000

North Grand Junction: $255,000

Clifton: $86,000

SE Grand Junction: $173,400

Redlands: $338,500

Fruita: $239,700

Palisade: $414,950

Residential Building Permits Issued in Mesa County


2015-2016 Quarterly

Reported from the Mesa County Clerk & Recorders office and believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed.

Mortgage Rates

30 Year Fixed Rate: 4.05%

15 Year Fixed Rate: 3.21%

Information provided 01/01/2017 by Zillow.

2016 Q4 Rental Information

Grand Junction Vacancy Rate: 1.9%

Average Colorado Vacancy Rate: 6.1%

Information provided by Colorado Department of Local Affairs.