Top 8 Home Features Buyers Want + Real Estate Market Update

This show is a great listen! Robert and Dave start off by discussing the current state of the Grand Junction Real Estate Market. You can lean more about it by visiting our market stats page! Then James Pulsipher calls in to the show to talk about what you should look for in a home mortgage depending on your goals for the future. It's important to have a plan when looking for a mortgage!

Continue listening to hear Robert and Dave's break down of these top 8 home features buyers want:

  1. Open concept homes
  2. Outdoor living spaces
  3. Neutral decor
  4. Modern kitchens
  5. Energy efficient homes
  6. Smart storage
  7. Hardwood floors
  8. Multi-functional space

10 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning a Little More Fun (Really!)

Spring has officially arrived in the Grand Valley and along with it comes your annual spring cleaning. Usually we don't think of cleaning as fun, but we've dug up ten ways to help make it just a little more fun. Use these tips and the cleaning will hopefully fly by!

Listen as Robert and Dave put their own spin on these tips, or see a quick list of the ideas below.

  1. Make cleaning a game: This one especially works if you have kids. Get creative here!
  2. Use vodka: Did you know vodka is a great disinfectant and household cleaner? Plus a few Moscow Mules might make the cleaning a little easier to get through!
  3. Use cleaning as an excuse to go shopping: Cleaning out your closest of unworn clothes gives you an opportunity to go shopping as a reward! 
  4. Listen to music, an audio book or podcast: This is a welcome distraction to the task at hand. Your cleaning will fly by!
  5. Plan a party or event: Use this as an incentive to get your house clean.
  6. Play chemist with your cleaning supplies: There are a ton of ways you can make all natural cleaning products and you'll have a little more fun doing it!
  7. Make your cleaning a workout: If getting some exercise is your motivation, why not use it to get you cleaning?
  8. Upcycle your old clutter: Give your old items new life! Old shirts into pillows, a coat of paint on old furniture, etc.
  9. Create your own rewards system: Do what you need to do! Whether it's chocolates, going to a movie or extra nap time, use this to motivate you!
  10. Build a campfire: A fun way to get rid of your hold documents!

Unwritten Etiquette Rules Every Home Seller and Buyer Should Know

If you're thinking of selling or buying a home, be sure to listen to this show to learn unwritten etiquette rules you should know. From how you should treat showing appointments to leaving feedback afterward, this is one you don't want to miss!

For Sellers

  1. Leave your house during showings.
  2. Take your pets with you during showings.
  3. Move your car(s), so parking is plentiful.
  4. Be patient waiting for feedback.
  5. Don't be greedy when it comes to contemplating offers on your home.
  6. Listen to the professionals!

For Buyers

  1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage before looking at homes.
  2. Be punctual to appointments and showings.
  3. When in doubt, remove your shoes at showings.
  4. Don't bring an entourage to showings.
  5. Don't linger too long at showings.
  6. Avoid excessive multiple visits.

11 Easy & Must Do Home Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Home

Dave and Robert go over 11 easy home improvement you should do before putting your home on the market. See the short list below and then listen to the show for more details.

  1. Spruce up your curb appeal.
  2. Pay special attention to your floors.
  3. Check windows & doors and fix any problems.
  4. Wash your walls or give them a quick coat of paint.
  5. Clean your cabinets.
  6. Give your appliances a face lift if necessary.
  7. Update your lighting.
  8. Step up your storage.
  9. Spiff up your kitchen and/or bathroom.
  10. Depersonalize your home.
  11. Stage your home.

Preparing Your Home & Your Landscaping for Spring

Listen to this week's show for tips to help you get your home and landscaping ready for spring. If you're thinking of selling your home, use this checklist to get your home in tip top shape before it's listed! And even if you're not thinking of selling, it's important to get these checked off the list and keep your home maintained to avoid costly repairs.