Seller Checklist - Getting Your Home Ready

Dear Dave,
We are considering selling our home in the spring. Do you have a seller’s checklist or something that you give to people to help them figure out what will add the most value when they sell a house?

We’re just trying to decide if there is anything we can do this winter to help get more money for our house when we do sell.

Thanks for the help!
Don and Linda - Grand Junction, CO


Don and Linda,

YES!  No specific checklist, but you can make a huge difference over the winter!  After football season is over, maybe after college football is over, stop watching television and start taking advantage of the cold winter months… INSIDE!   There are countless things you can do and not break your bank while doing them.

Interior & Floor Coverings

The first two things I always recommend is to evaluate your interior paint and floor coverings.  Nothing says “come buy me” like new paint and carpet.  Who doesn’t love the smell of new paint and carpet?  It is almost as good as the smell of my Moms homemade Pound Cake!  Mom, I’m just kidding.  Anyways, new paint and new flooring are BIG bang for the buck items and if you have a steady hand you can paint most everything yourself. The next big “bang for your buck” improvement is lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Lighting and Plumbing

Lighting and plumbing can make a huge difference and not break the bank.  The beauty of Lowes and Home Depot, and other DIY stores is that it has made cosmetic home renovation easy and inexpensive.  Try this on for size, while you are replacing the light fixtures, jump outside the box and get crazy by getting rid of all the old brass door knobs and door hinges.  If that is not enough, paint all those old dark brown doors white and just watch your hallways expand before your very eyes. These easy corrections are all inexpensive and offer a great return on investment.   The last inexpensive fix is to get rid of any and all “vintage style” wall paper.  I am not talking about the new styles that are in vogue, but the old Brady Bunch stuff.  You know what I am talking about and who you are.  As Donald Trump would say, “it’s a disaster, get rid of it”.   You will not have even a minute of fun doing it, but you will be so glad you did when it is over.  If you are looking for a more significant and costly project, you have options there as well.

Bathrooms and kitchens

Bathrooms and kitchens top the list for “whole room” remodels.  A renovation of these two rooms will have the most significant impact on both the look and feel of your home, but also your wallet.  You can make big changes with new counter tops, backsplashes, tile, sinks, etc.   If you can stay away from having to completely replace the cabinets you might just have some money left over for retirement.  The goal here is to make an impact, but spend your money wisely.  You want to make high impact changes for low impact cost.  Follow these guidelines and I will almost guarantee you will be thrilled with your return on investment.

Dave Kimbrough

David Hansow

Dave & Morgan Hansow

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