Trendy Kitchens?

Dear Dave,
We’re in the market for buying a home. We have seen a lot of different houses and my wife and I are a bit divided when it comes to what we like in a kitchen.

She really wants to buy a home with a more modern kitchen- you know granite counters, fancy glass backsplashes, etc.  I on the other hand, want something that doesn’t seem so trendy. What do you think of these new modern looking kitchens? Are they a good investment in a home or do you think it is a trend that will not be popular in a few years?We would like to hear your take on this.

Thank you-
Luke and Jen - Fruita, CO


Luke and Jen,
Luke, don’t fight trendy!  Give Jen what she wants and don’t look back!  My bet is you will grow to love it and it will make your life better on many fronts!  All kidding aside, trendy can be a problem when looking for a new home and proceeding with some caution is warranted. You ultimately want something that is somewhat timeless, if you can get it but don’t let the concern over the unknown future over ride what you love now!

Granite counter tops and glass backsplashes don’t necessarily constitute “trendy” or “modern”, however I think I know where you are going with this.   A more “contemporary” look and feel is probably what is giving you some level of concern.  There is no doubt the harder lines and colors that are typical of today’s contemporary kitchens are now what buyers are wanting.  I believe you have to find some common or middle ground between the modern and timeless looks you each like so it will make it easier for a transition down the road.  If you look closely, you can generally make about any kitchen or room less or more contemporary by changing paint colors, cabinet hardware, lighting and plumbing fixtures.   Just as you can create a complete makeover on yourself, by changing your hairstyle and adding a stylish new jacket, you can do the same by making some of these small changes.

Some concern is warranted, however I would not be overly cautious, unless modern feel and style is over the top.  When the time comes you can make the changes needed to lessen the contemporary feel, if needed.  Who knows, maybe this trend will be around for a long time and be more of a new normal, not a trend.  One of the things to remember is that contemporary works well in small spaces, as it feels less “heavy” and cluttered.   If the size of homes continue to shrink, the contemporary style and function may stick around longer than anticipated.

One thing is for sure, regardless of what style you buy now, it will change over time. Purchase the home and style you love, or Jen loves, and don’t worry about what is will be!  My bet is your concern will not be worth the energy spent on it.  As my wife often reminds me of the quote by Mark Twain, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my live, most of which never happened.”  I wish I had said that, as my natural disposition is to worry about things I can’t control.  I am working on this constantly and it is soooo hard!   Hope this helps.  Have a happy and Safe New Year.

Dave Kimbrough
The Kimbrough Team

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