What Candidate helps Western Colorado the Most?

Dear Dave,

I’m not sure you answer questions that aren’t really related to home buying and selling, but thought I would try sending this in anyway. We are looking at a big election year coming up.  I am doing a lot of reading and analyzing of candidates from all parties.

Do you think one political party or another will have a better perspective on what the Western Slope of Colorado really needs? I know this might be a really touchy subject for you to dare answer, but I would appreciate your opinion if you are willing to share.


Thank you -

Glen - Fruita, CO



Wow, this really is a loaded question!  The easy answer is yes, whichever candidate is the most energy friendly will most likely help the western slope to the greatest extent, at least in the short run.  That being said, placing the emphasis on energy is the “cop out” answer and one that is just looking for a quick fix.  I am not of the opinion that a quick fix is what we need.  A quick fix would be the best short term answer with the largest impact on property values and jobs, but a quick fix is not the best long term answer.  I am with you on this one, I am in the process of analyzing each and every candidate to see who is most likely to LEAD.  We are in desperate need of a leader and I don’t think that need can be overstated.


We need someone who, in my opinion, is not a part of the existing political machine.  We need someone who understands and values what our forefathers founded this country on and is not afraid to be proud and stand up for it.  We need someone who is inclusive of all people, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation, as long as they are making a legitimate effort to be an active part of society.  The separation of church and state has gone WAY too far, God needs to play a role and if HE is no longer a central part of this country then we are too far down the drain already!  We need someone to LEAD our country and bring back respect and integrity to as many aspects of our government as possible and re-establish America as a nation to look up to, not for our military might, but by what we stand for.  There is no reason, none whatsoever, that America should be fearful of what is transpiring in the Middle East, but we are and that to me is unfathomable.  We are failing on every level of these needs and as long as we continue down the current path we will fall further and further behind our true potential and our world prominence will be in the rear view mirror.


We need tax reform and a leader who can stick to a budget and has the good sense of when to say no, even if it is not popular.  We need less government, not more.  We need more jobs and less free handouts.  We need less spending and more saving.  We need more “genuine” and less political correctness.  This list could go on forever.  Our Country IS broken and it needs a tune up from someone, anyone, who has the courage to “really” try and fix it.   This break down did not happen overnight and it won’t be fixed quickly, but we need to find a candidate who can make us believe again.  Help us believe that our best years lie in front of us and not behind.    If we find the candidate that can begin to right the ship then that is the best candidate for the Western Slope and our Country.  

I changed my voting approach a couple of elections back and I am voting for America to be great again, regardless of party affiliation!  I pray we find him or her, as I am somewhat afraid the clock is ticking faster and the future for my children is not as bright as it was for me and for that I am saddened.  Not sure this helps, but I am not afraid to step up and answer the question! : )


Dave Kimbrough

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