How has advancing technology changed Grand Junction Real Estate?


Dear Dave,

I recently went through the home selling and buying process and things have definitely improved, thanks to technology!  I appreciated the fact that I could look for houses on-line through searches that my Realtor had set up for me and the house I was selling also had an on-line presence.

I really think technology made a difference in how quickly and efficiently both our transactions happened.  What I was curious about is how has technology changed your business and how do you keep up with it all?

Thank you for your time - look forward to reading!

Dennis and Eileen - Delta, CO

Dennis and Eilieen,

You experienced, first hand, what technology has done for the real estate business and for the most part it is a good thing. Information dissemination and transaction efficiency are probably the two most significant advances that technology has provided.

In today’s real estate process you have everything available at your fingertips. At The Kimbrough Team we set both buyers and sellers up on searches that help either locate a new home, for buyers, or inform them of every new listing and price reduction of competing homes, sellers. All this information is sent out on a set schedule and allows both buyers and sellers to effortlessly keep up on what is happening in the market and be as educated as they can be during the buying and selling process. During the transaction/contract process, all the paperwork is electronically available and signatures are rarely done in person anymore.


No longer do you need to keep a hard copy of all your paperwork. All our customers paperwork is available via a Dropbox or Google Drive account. Every transaction document is electronically available from your phone, ipad or computer and all you have to do is log-in to gain access.

The most impactful technological advance has been electronic signatures. We now do most all of our signatures electronically. These signatures eliminate the need for printing, faxing, meeting in parking lots and picking up and dropping off copies. When you electronically sign a document, copies are automatically routed to all the involved parties. You can sign from your mobile phone or any electronic device that enables email access. I have signed documents from a beach in Mexico and from my daughters dance recital at CMU! The convenience of all the technological advances certainly allows one to conduct business while on the go like never before.

The convenience of all the technological advances certainly allows one to conduct business while on the go like never before.

Being able to conduct business on the go is a blessing and also a curse. It enables me the ability to do business while spending time with my family, but also makes it hard to ever escape the 24/7 nature of my business. I think all our customers appreciate these technological advances, as it has made everything more efficient and far less cumbersome. It has made everything easier, but as life gets more hectic I sometimes wonder if technology is not largely to blame. No doubt technology allows us to be more efficient and also allows us to do more in less time. 

From time to time it can be difficult to juggle all the information dissemination and the transaction intricacies, however having great systems and even greater people make it possible for us to manage, integrate and embrace the ever changing technological advances that will continue to change the real estate landscape. These changes will hopefully continue to make the process more enjoyable and efficient for everyone involved!

Dave Kimbrough
The Kimbrough Team

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