Advice For Those Getting "Locked Out" And How Good Are Comparables In Naming Your List Price?


I always look forward to your advice and try to file it away for future real estate transactions.

Today's advice for the folks that get "locked out" early in their search, neglected to advise them to find a realtor who gives them an alert the minute a home in their price range goes on the market!!

Also, how good are comparables in your neighborhood for naming your listing price?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Janet, Grand Junction

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Thanks for reading my column! I am blessed to have many loyal readers who enjoy it and I am very appreciative of your support and your question. 

You are right and I appreciate the reminder, because I did fail to mention one of the most important aspects of finding a good agent to help in a home search. In an active market, like our market now, making sure you have an agent that has you on, what we call a drip campaign, is vital. A “drip campaign” is imperative to any buyer who is seriously looking to be competitive and find the best properties first! When you are enrolled in a drip campaign, you will be immediately notified when a property that meets your criteria hits the market. This is how you beat other buyers to the best new properties! Now, when it comes to determining your list price, better not ignore the house around the corner.

I consider comparable sales from the same neighborhood the most important comparable properties when determining a properties list price.  Generally homes in the same neighborhood are the strongest comparable properties because they were built around the same time, many by the same builders and most likely used similar finishes and floor plans.  What price similar homes in the neighborhood are selling for are typically your most accurate predictor of what your home will sell for and the ones I look for first!  Of course you have to take upgrades or significant remodels into account when looking at each property and determining how they comparatively stack up.

Lastly, I love that you signed your question, ‘Cheers’!  Just such a friendly and positive way to sign off … I love it. Thanks again, Janet.

Dave Kimbrough

The Kimbrough Team

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