Hire professional cleaners before listing your home?


We’re putting our home on the market in the next couple of weeks and we’re wondering if we should have it professionally cleaned beforehand. It has a little dust here and there—nothing major—but we’re wondering if a good, deep clean will make it really shine (and hopefully sell faster). What would you tell your sellers to do?



Housewife cleaning carpet.


Great question! There is no doubt about one thing that matters to every seller. Clean means MORE money and less time on the market! Our team sells homes faster (over 30% faster) and one reason is because we stress to our sellers, "Get it clean, clean, clean!" The more show ready your home is, the faster it will sell and as a bonus (literally), it will likely bring a higher price! So the answer to your question is yes, clean it yourself (if you are good at cleaning) or hire professionals to get it “over the top” ready for your initial blast of showings. This clean will also come across in your electronic footprint (photos & virtual tour) and most likely translate to more showings. Lastly, don’t just clean the inside, also pay attention to the outside of your home. 

Making your yard and landscape “shine” will complete the look both inside and out and indicate to the buyer that your home is not only well cared for inside, but also on the outside. Buyers love homes that they believe are well cared for and a dialed in home makes an awesome first impression! Clean it up and get ready to move!

Best of luck,
Dave Kimbrough

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