How Do We Find The “Best” Realtor To Help Us In A New Location?



We will be moving out of state, to a city where we know absolutely no one.  How do we go about finding the “best” Realtor to help us in our new location?


Andrew - Grand Junction


Great question. There are several ways to go about finding an agent in the city where you are moving. First, if you need to sell your home here, you can ask you real estate agent to refer you to an agent in their network with their company. This typically works great, because your local agent will do their due diligence to make sure the agent in your new city is experience, professional and knows the ins and outs of your new market.  

You can also get on line and look for homes in the area and take note of names that you see over and over.  Those agents, are probably well known and well connected and have a good base of knowledge of the local market.  Be careful to just take the recommendations of “find an agent websites”, because many times the agents that are referred off these sites are not producers, they are paying the web sites a referral fee for buyer referrals, It may have nothing to do with ability, knowledge or results, but who is paying for the website for the referral. Your best bet is to find a local agent here that has connections and can find you a qualified agent in your new city!! Best of luck, I hope this helps.

Dave Kimbrough

The Kimbrough Team

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