Is Wallpaper Back in Style?

Dear Dave,

I’ve been looking into doing some redecorating on my house. It looks like the new up and coming trend is wallpaper. What do you think of wallpaper in a newer home? I’m not considering any of the patterns from the 70’s, but what do the people that you work with think of wallpaper? Is it easy enough for someone to remove if I go ahead and do it and then sell my house? I just want to be smart and not do something that will be a huge deterrent from my house when I decide to sell it.

Thank you – I really enjoy reading your answers each and every week!

Jaquie – Grand Junction, CO


Great question! You are right! Wallpaper is starting to make a comeback and is gaining quite a bit of traction in the housing market again. You know what they say, if you wait long enough it will come back and be popular again and I think that is where we are headed with wallpaper. At least to some extent. 

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Keep in mind that wallpaper of any kind is a very personal touch to a home. The kind of wallpaper we are seeing gain in popularity is more on the textured side, not necessarily the pattern side. The old patterned wallpaper of the yesteryear will hopefully never make a comeback, however bringing in new textures can really be an awesome addition to any room or home. There are so many choices, but I have seen some wallpaper that look like different grasses and fabrics and they look incredible and really add a ton of value in making a texture statement instead of a color statement. If you want to see some really great wallpaper go to, or and prepare for the do-it-yourself urge. 

Buyers are very open to wallpaper that makes a textural statement, as long as it is tastefully done. 

Buyers are very open to wallpaper that makes a textural statement, as long as it is tastefully done. Remember, sometimes less is better so wallpaper on an accent wall or in a powder bath etc. can be plenty of statement and all that is needed to make the impact you are trying to achieve. I think some of the new wallpaper can make a positive impact on potential buyers if done correctly, but also remember keep it neutral in color and subtle in style. 

Removal can be tricky. Regardless of if it is patterned or textured, it can be difficult to remove so keeping it on the accent side of things will make it easier to remove if there is not as much of it. If potential buyers want to take it down, they can always do so after they purchase or request the seller do so prior to close. Let this be said, NOBODY likes to remove wallpaper, thus the reason wallpaper is a riskier proposition to paint! Consider your wallpaper installation carefully and thoughtfully and my bet is you come up with something gorgeous and people are going to love it. I say go for it and see if you can make your home sizzle with some new wall fashion!

Dave Kimbrough
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