Large or small trees for new landscaping?


Dear Dave,

I have been out shopping at the local nurseries trying to get some ideas on landscaping materials. My home is about seven years old and doesn’t have many established trees in the yard. There are different sizes of trees throughout the neighborhood. Due to price I want to know what you think is better to do - plant only a couple of large trees or plant about 3 times as many smaller trees? My wife has one opinion and I have another - I won’t tell you which so you can give your honest opinion!

Lee and Jenni, Fruita

Lee and Jenni,

Ok, this is an easy one for me and I will be honest! Go with the larger trees.  Planting saplings in the yard and waiting seven more years for them to become trees is for sure one of my pet peeves. We are currently planting some trees at my own home and my wife and I banter this issue back and forth virtually every day the tree planting topic comes up.

She says, in a few years they will mature out etc…and I say that I would prefer them to look somewhat mature now. I don’t want to wait years to enjoy them. I won’t tell you who will win at my house, but at your home I hope the bigger tree vote wins! In my opinion this is one instance where bigger really is better! :) Happy planting.