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We’re starting plans to remodel our kitchen (finally!). Right now we’re collecting samples and checking out different styles online. We’ve come across some trending ideas that I just love, but I’m worried if we use them in our remodel, our kitchen will be out of date again in 5 to 10 years. If we spend money now to update, then it becomes outdated again, will we ever see a return on our investment? I know you’ve probably seen a bunch of trends come and go in all your years of real estate. When it comes to current kitchen trends, what are some you think will last and some that we should avoid?

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Congratulations on your new kitchen remodel! Sounds like it has been a while in the making and I know from experience that when you save for years and the finish line is in sight it is a very exciting time. I am super excited for you, but your concerns about short-lived kitchen trends are valid and you are wise to focus on a more “timeless” remodel.

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Nothing gives away a home’s age more than the kitchen…ok, maybe bathrooms would run neck and neck for the time machine give away. As I am writing this, I am listening to my “Best of the 70’s” iTunes playlist and I can’t help but think about those 70’s bathrooms. Nothing screams “boogie nights” like shag carpet and avocado green toilets…oh yeah, mix in a little wallpaper to complete the effect and you have a real winner! Ok, back to your kitchen! It is so hard to know what will stand the test of time and what won't.  When we did our remodel we tried to focus on things that would stand up over the years, but we placed a higher value on what we wanted vs. how long would the style hold. We had decided that we would not be moving anytime soon and that the remodel was for US and not the future owner. If you believe you will be in the house another ten years I would suggest you do the same! Regardless of how hard you try, you can be confident that no matter what cabinets you choose today, in ten years there is a good chance they will be out of style. I am sure the same can be said for the back splash! Keep in mind that even though the updates you do now may be somewhat dated in ten years, they will be ten years closer to current than what it would be if you did not do anything at all!

In my opinion things you should avoid include tile counter tops, any kind of shiny brass hardware, dark wood cabinets (unless it’s a dark island to offset other lighter cabinets), inexpensive speckled granite, open shelving (I know its super cool now, but I am not confident how long everyone will think it’s all that), bold color statements that are difficult to change, avoid dark timber or a heavy “Tuscan” feel or faux painted walls. Dark and heavy are out! These items are either out or well on their way to a well-deserved extinction! I would encourage you to concentrate on the things that remain a bit more timeless and much of creating timelessness comes by focusing on functionality.

 I would encourage you to concentrate on the things that remain a bit more timeless and much of creating timelessness comes by focusing on functionality.

Make sure to incorporate a pantry, focus on plenty of counter space and storage. There is no substitute for natural light (maybe add a window or two). Include space for gathering in or near the kitchen so that entertaining is effortless. Make your statements with lighting, knobs, mix matching textures, back splash tile and things that can be changed (relatively inexpensively) over time to help maintain an up-to-date appearance! Maybe go with glass door cabinets instead of open shelving, Quartz counter tops instead of Granite and I think if done correctly white cabinets are still the closest bet to timeless as there is in the cabinet world. As for flooring, I think real wood floors or wood look tile (not travertine or tumbled anything) are the best way to ensure a timeless look.

What an exciting adventure! The most important thing is that you LOVE what you do and enjoy living there after the remodel is done. When the time comes to sell, I bet you find someone that will love it just as much as you do! Best of luck and have fun with it!

Dave Kimbrough
The Kimbrough Team

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