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Monthly Archives: September 2020

    Should We Convert Our Garage To A Living Space?

    By Dave Kimbrough | September 24, 2020

    Dear Dave, I own an older home, built in the 1980’s. I’m doing some upgrades this spring and am considering adding on to it. I recently saw a home that was a similar age and when they remodeled they turned the 2 car garage into a living room and opened up the adjoining wall into... Read More

    Should I Build A Shop?

    By Dave Kimbrough | September 24, 2020

    Dear Dave, I have been throwing around the idea of building a shop at my house.  I live on about an acre lot and have a fairly new home, built in 2007.  I have room to build a detached shop and also room to add onto my current 2 car garage. My question for you... Read More

    What Are The Most Valuable Upgrades In New Construction Homes?

    By Dave Kimbrough | September 24, 2020

    Dave, My husband and I are buying a new construction home and are very excited to build a house we love. We’ve decided on our lot and are about to meet with our builder to decide on some major aspects of the home. Our question for you is what upgrades should we go for? What... Read More