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I know you have a ton of experience in real estate and you give great advice in this column every week! So I’m just curious: If you could only give one piece of advice to someone who is about to start the home buying process, what would it be? And on the flip side if you could only give one piece of advice to a home seller what would it be?

Thanks in advance for helping me sound smart the next time my friends and I talk real estate!

John, Grand Junction


Thanks for the compliment, at least one of us can seem smart when hanging with our peeps! That is a very interesting question and one that takes some thought! I am sure that if you ask me this question in six months at least one of these will change! I am not sure I can keep it to just one thing for each, but I will try. As my friends will tell you, I am pretty verbose. As my mom used to say, he rattles like an empty wagon! With that being said, let’s tackle the buyer advice first.

For the answers here I turned to our two most experienced buyers’ agents, Jan Kimbrough Miller and Cyrie Wortmann. They both work extensively with buyers and know the buying process better than anyone I know. Remember, every agent will have varying answers, but these two are awesome! 

Jan’s one thing was, “make sure you have no weak links in your team of lender and agent…one without the other is no good.” Let me tell you, this is awesome advice! If you have the best lender and are ready to purchase, but have a half devoted agent, you will likely miss the perfect house. On the flip side, if you have the most aggressive agent who is Johnny on the spot, but your lender stinks and you fail the loan process then you will also miss out on the perfect house. The quality combination of your lender and agent are your key to success.

Cyrie has more experience than anyone on our team and her advice is equally important! “Remember there will always be compromises. Avoid the trap of overthinking or paralysis by analysis and learn to trust your gut!” Again, this is timely and sage advice. As our market becomes more and more competitive being hesitant can be the difference between getting your dream home or letting someone else get it! God gave you a gut feeling, trust it and go with it! Both of these are awesome!  

Ok, moving on to sellers…Since I am a listing agent, I did not solicit anyone’s advice on this answer and I will avoid the temptation of jumping on the low hanging fruit of making sure you choose the right agent! That one is too easy! My number one piece of advice would be that “clean means more money and less time on market”. Who doesn’t want more money and who doesn’t’ want to sell fast? Duh! Make sure to have your home completely dialed in and show ready. A clean house makes a wonderful first impression and the first impression is the most important. When you are dialing things in, make sure not to forget about the outside. Listen, if the inside sparkles but the outside is ugly or neglected, forget about it. Buyers will pass you by. Make sure you have the full package of inside and out ready to go! Next, remember that 92% of buyers start their search online and their first impression of your home will almost always be from your electronic footprint. If your home’s photos (both drone and still), virtual tour, website penetration, Facebook and Instagram presence are not top notch, it will cost you showings and limit your ability to sell. I see it all the time, bad photos and a lame virtual tour… there is no excuse in today’s day and age. If your home has a bad/subpar electronic footprint then you are entering a street fight with a patch over one eye and one arm tied behind your back. There really is no excuse for a poorly executed electronic presence, but you would be amazed at how bad some are. Your homes electronic footprint has to be spot on! 

Hope these help and although there are many more super important tips, these will ensure that you get off to a great start when buying or selling and also make sure you seem super smart and keen to your friends! Lastly, it is Mothers Day! Time to thank mom for all she has done over the years. Remember, its hard work being a mom and none of us came with an instruction manual. Stop long enough to say “I love you” and “thanks for being my mom” and I bet by doing so it might make the day for both of you! 

Dave Kimbrough
The Kimbrough Team


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  • I didn’t know that 92% of buyers start their search online. I need to get a new house in Dallas. I have to move there for a job next month.

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