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Dear Dave,
This might seem like a trivial question but I really need your opinion. We have our home listed and with all of wet/winter weather we’ve been having I am really frustrated trying to keep our floors clean. Is it offensive to ask potential buyers to remove their shoes or wear booties when they look at our house? I don’t want to turn people away because of the annoyance of having to remove shoes or boots, but I don’t want my floors to look messy – or get stained!

Janet – Grand Junction, CO

Do not hesitate to request buyers remove their shoes or put on booties that you provide when they enter.  This is not a turn off and any buyer who would be turned off by having to remove their shoes or put on booties…. Let them leave.

Removing shoes or wearing booties is common courtesy and that should be the end of the discussion, unless they are willing to follow themselves back out the door with a mop in hand! Don’t worry about that at all, just have your agent get you a basket and booties or place a “please remove shoes” sign on the door or right where they walk in.  Provide a place to sit down when they are removing their shoes and that should be near the end of your problems.  I say near, as there will be some that won’t comply, but the vast majority will make sure to respect your wishes and your home!  Stress no more and happy selling!

Dave Kimbrough

The Kimbrough Team


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