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We’ve had an unexpected job change come up and have to sell our house – sadly we just did a big remodel to our kitchen and it is wonderful.  We were given some money, from my parents, to buy a top of the line refrigerator – one that I had painstakingly researched and I absolutely love!  

I want to take the refrigerator with us because we used my parents’ gift money to buy it, but my husband doesn’t think we should.  If the refrigerator is taken out when we move, not part of the house sale, is that going to delay being able to sell our house? We’re really in a dilemma as we get ready for this move.

Thanks in advance-
Jennifer – Grand Junction – Redlands area


Sorry about the unexpected job change, there is some of that going around right now.  Don’t sweat this one, there are several options.   In some real estate markets it is customary to leave all the appliances, however it is not customary in our market to leave your refrigerator or your washer and dryer. It most certainly should not cost you a sale or make it harder to sell your home if you plan on taking it with you.  Make sure to have your agent note that the kitchen fridge does not stay and WHY.  Everyone, or at least almost everyone, is human and the majority of the time appreciate sentimental reasons behind why some things are done the way they are.  If you have your agent disclose that you are taking the fridge with you and it was a gift from your parents, then you are unlikely to face much of a head wind from any reasonable buyer.

Another option, one that would eliminate any confusion, would be to purchase a replacement fridge and leave it with the home after sale.  This is an option, but not one that I would recommend.   Make no mistake about it, if it is new and as nice as you say, buyers are going to want it.  The question is how understanding will they be about it and like I said, most will totally get it and there will be no issue.  By removing it prior to sale and replacing it with a less expensive model, you remove the issue all together.  This is overkill, IMHO, but an option to consider.

My final verdict, leave it there, explain why you are keeping it and if the buyer balks about it, let them move on to something else.  If your fridge is the deal breaker, then they probably need to find another house to buy that they love enough to purchase their own fridge!!  Don’t worry…..everything will be cool! : )

Dave Kimbrough
The Kimbrough Team



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