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Dear Dave,

We are getting ready to list our home this spring.  We have been getting it all cleaned up and show ready.  We have a dog door that leads from our laundry room out into the backyard.  Our question for you is this – do we leave it or remove it and repair the hole that is left?  Do people not buy a house because there is a dog door or is it a good selling point?

Help! Just not sure what to do about this.

Thanks –
Barbara – Grand Junction, CO


Please call me when you decide to sell!  If you are perseverating about a dog door, your home is going to show wonderfully.  I am confident it will show like a dream.  All kidding aside, don’t even concern yourself with such a small item.  Many will find it a value add and if they don’t, offer to have it removed and covered for the new owner.   Trust me, you are ready for the market.  Sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy a few weeks of calm before you hit the market!  Happy selling.

Dave Kimbrough
The Kimbrough Team


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