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Dear Dave,

It looks like interest rates are still low and the market is settling down a bit, so we are thinking about taking the jump and buying a house. Do you think that now is a good time to buy considering the rates or should we wait until after the first of the year?

We have heard many different opinions on the time of year to buy a home and just aren’t sure of when to proceed.

We would like to know what you think. Thanks for the time-

Jim and Sherri – Grand Junction, CO

Jim and Sherri,

Yes, I believe it is a great time to purchase a home!  We talk about it all the time with our clients and prospective clients.  If you believe you are going to be staying in your home for over 3-5 years then I believe buying at today’s interest rates (still very near a record low) is a really good idea.  As for the time of year…. I believe any time of year is a good time of year to buy, as long as it is the right time for you and you find the right home!  That being said, I would say that the winter season probably offers your best opportunity for a “deal” as buyer demand typically wanes, but also realize your choices are also fewer so finding just the right fit can be difficult.   I believe the home you live in should be more than an investment, it should be where you want to shape your life and create memories and if you find that place, then that trumps the right/wrong time to buy!

Who knows what next year will bring… higher prices?  Lower prices? Higher rates? Lower rates? Economic stability? Economic turmoil?  Who knows……That’s why I subscribe to the “if the time is right” philosophy.  I do believe there are some economic headwinds on the horizon, but I also know that as a nation we are over 5 million housing units short of demand and that will likely continue to put upward pressure on housing prices and interest rates.  On a personal note, I have many times been hesitant to make a move because of future uncertainty and come to later realize that the uncertainty I was concerned about never materialized nearly to the extent to warrant my concern and in fact, most of the time it never materialized at all.  It was more my own concern about making the wrong decision that I got in the way of making the right one!  Oftentimes the right decision is simply the decision we make, because each of us has a significant impact on the outcome of our decisions!  I will say this in close, don’t pass up on wave after wave looking for the perfect ride, make the most of the wave you catch and you just might get the ride of your life!  Good luck and make the most of whatever path you decide to take.

Dave Kimbrough

The Kimbrough Team


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