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    Can We Still Decorate For Halloween When Our Home Is For Sale?

    By Dave Kimbrough | October 9, 2020

    Dear Dave, My family just loves Halloween. We usually like to go all out with decorating, but this year we have our house on the market to sell. It has been for sale for about 6 weeks and we haven’t had any offers. What do you think about decorating a house for a ‘holiday’ when... Read More

    Should We Convert Our Garage To A Living Space?

    By Dave Kimbrough | September 24, 2020

    Dear Dave, I own an older home, built in the 1980’s. I’m doing some upgrades this spring and am considering adding on to it. I recently saw a home that was a similar age and when they remodeled they turned the 2 car garage into a living room and opened up the adjoining wall into... Read More

    Should I Build A Shop?

    By Dave Kimbrough | September 24, 2020

    Dear Dave, I have been throwing around the idea of building a shop at my house.  I live on about an acre lot and have a fairly new home, built in 2007.  I have room to build a detached shop and also room to add onto my current 2 car garage. My question for you... Read More

    What Are The Most Valuable Upgrades In New Construction Homes?

    By Dave Kimbrough | September 24, 2020

    Dave, My husband and I are buying a new construction home and are very excited to build a house we love. We’ve decided on our lot and are about to meet with our builder to decide on some major aspects of the home. Our question for you is what upgrades should we go for? What... Read More

    Can A Qualified Family Member Perform Our Home Inspection

    By Dave Kimbrough | August 18, 2020

    Dave, My husband and I have been looking at homes for the past several months and our real estate agent has advised us that when we purchase, we need to have a professional home inspection done by a home inspector. My husband’s brother is a general contractor who has been building homes for over 15 years... Read More

    Our Front Door Is Often Left Unlocked After Showings, What Should We Do?

    By Dave Kimbrough | August 18, 2020

    Dave, This may sound like someone just complaining but it actually is more serious than that. Our home has been listed with a reputable firm for four months. Whether or not our house has sold by mid‑Sept, we will be relocating to Denver to start new jobs. The concern we have is that after leaving... Read More

    When Can Buyers Take Possession Of A House After Closing

    By Dave Kimbrough | August 18, 2020

    Dave, I recently sold my home and before and during the closing the buyer stated they would give me a few extra days to even a week to move out after closing. The day after closing they showed up looking to move-in and informed me a locksmith would be showing up at 4:00pm to change the... Read More

    We’ve Had 20 Showings But No Offers, Should We Hire A New Agent?

    By Dave Kimbrough | August 7, 2020

    Dave, We have had our home for sale for nearly six months with no offers and approximately 20 showings. Our current contract with our real estate agent expires in a couple weeks and we are considering changing agents and going with a new agent and company, although we have enjoyed working with our current agent.... Read More

    Does The Type Of Retaining Wall Change Resale Value?

    By Dave Kimbrough | August 7, 2020

    Dear Dave, We are getting some projects lined out for our property. We have an area that needs a retaining wall, 25 feet long and 4 feet high, and we would like some advice on what might be the best route to take. We have access to railroad ties but we aren’t sure if those... Read More

    Will No Bathroom In Your Master Bathroom Hurt Resale Value?

    By Dave Kimbrough | August 7, 2020

    Dave, We are in the process of designing our new home and looking over many floor plans and we have noticed that many don’t have a bath tub in the master bathroom. We are now considering only putting a shower in our master bath, as neither of us are “tub” people and rarely, if ever, take... Read More