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Should I Build A Shop?

Dear Dave,

I have been throwing around the idea of building a shop at my house.  I live on about an acre lot and have a fairly new home, built in 2007.  I have room to build a detached shop and also room to add onto my current 2 car garage.

My question for you is, what do you think would make the most sense when I go to sell the house someday?  Do people appreciate a detached shop or would they like it connected to the house?

Thanks for the help –

Robert, Grand Junction


I believe this is an idea that virtually every man throws around from time to time, where can I build a shop?  Building a shop has almost become part of the American dream.  Right behind the dream of a detached shop is a three car garage or three car garage with large storage shed!  As you wander through life accumulating “things” that you probably no longer need, but can’t force yourself to part with the idea of more and more storage becomes increasingly important.

In my opinion, build a detached shop.  The nice thing about a detached shop, over one that is attached, is that what is in or what is happening at the detached shop is less likely to spill over to the main garage and house.  This is a simple function of being “detached”.   A detached shop can be a man’s private kingdom and it is hard to put a price on that.  The fact that a garage or shop is detached from the rest of the house implies that not everyone is invited, there is limited access.  Having a shop that is detached also gives one the opportunity to separate his or herself from the chaos or activities of the main structure and provide a place of solace and privacy where anything goes and being clean are not words that need to be feared!  Having a place that is a safe haven is valuable and for those who are used to having it, it is VERY valuable.

Go detached and live longer and more prosperous and when you go to sell, enjoy the rewards of having a detached shop!  I am kidding about the longer and more prosperous part, but the rewards will be no joke!  It will, no doubt, be a big selling feature that will have you seeing more green! ($)

Dave Kimbrough

The Kimbrough Team


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