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Dear Dave,

We have had our home on the market since the beginning of October.  Now that the holidays are upon us, we would really like to be able to decorate for the holidays – but we don’t want to scare away potential buyers.  We would typically set up a couple of holiday blow-ups in our yard, as well as decorate our house with Christmas lights – our kids just love this.  Do you think that is too much?  What do you recommend when someone is trying to sell their home during the holiday season?

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!

Jack and Linda, Fruita, CO

Jack and Linda,

I say, decorate and enjoy the holidays.  In my opinion a home never feels more like a home than it does during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  I don’t believe you will scare anyone away, but remember to decorate tastefully and try to err on the side of too little rather than too much.  Believe me, if you kids love the way you decorate the likelihood is the families that come to look at your home during the holidays will love it also.

Remember that buying a home is still very much a “feel” thing for most buyers and the more senses you get involved and the more “like a home” you make your home feel the better off you are.  I can tell you that more often than not, when a buyer gets a feel about a home and they can picture themselves or their family living there, your chances of them making an offer go up significantly.  Also, don’t be afraid to bake some cookies, pies, a cake or at the least light a candle that plays up the season.  Also note that a little Christmas music will not hurt your cause either.  We purchased our cinnamon pine cones this weekend for less than 5 bucks and they smell wonderful.  This is the greatest time of year to have fun and get immersed in the season, enjoy it because it will be gone too soon.

The key take away here is tasteful and not overdone, yet have fun and enjoy the season.  The spirit of the holidays is contagious and my bet is someone will catch the spirit at your house this season.  Have a wonderful Christmas and don’t be shocked when your home sells because it looks so good!

Dave Kimbrough

The Kimbrough Team


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