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Our plans are to move in June/July to Delaware to be near family, as we have grandkids who live there.  I will qualify for retirement late this spring and need to make sure we remain in Grand Junction until that time.  We are aware that interest rates still aren’t that attractive and we’re a bit worried about the local real estate market. Our home is paid for, but we do not want to move twice if we can help it.  When should we start trying to sell if we want to move before fall and the grandkids are back in school?

Pat & Randy, Palisade

Pat & Randy,

Great to hear about the prospective move and moving closer to grandchildren! It’s generally a big motivator for people who move after retirement.  Our local real estate market is holding fairly steady as we head into the 2024 selling season….inventory is low and the buyers who are choosing to buy are serious and appear to be all in regardless of where interest rates are.

We have seen significant price increases over the past several years and overall very positive things happening across all price ranges which is a good thing!  As I often say, “stability makes a great friend” and I expect our market to remain robust and stable with our long-term outlook very bright.  As always, the overall condition of your home, inside and out, and the price range of your home and how aggressively the home is marketed will help determine how quickly you can expect your home to sell.

Timing the sale of your home is one of the most difficult things to do in today’s real estate market.  I would suggest you have your real estate agent come over sooner rather than later and perform a market analysis to help you evaluate when might be the best time to list your home for sale, based on market activity and the level of quality inventory. (I am assuming that your home is move in ready.) This evaluation will also allow you to make any improvements needed prior to listing your home for sale.  

Pricing is always key, but since you own your home free and clear you can price it competitively in the market.  If timing is more important than money, then all things being equal I would list it for sale no later than March 1st.  This would give you time to adjust your price if need be, before June. But, if you don’t have it sold by June, you’ve got time after your retirement to get it sold before fall.  The market is typically strong in early summer and this will allow you to catch the months that typically make up the best part of the yearly market…….March – July!  Be prepared to listen to the market and make adjustments when needed and you should have a successful transition.  If you do get it sold early in the listing period, then this would also give you the opportunity to negotiate an extended closing date and potentially allow you to sell right around the time you wish to move.  But, be prepared to sell a bit early and find a short-term place to land.  Several of the hotels offer attractive monthly rates in suites that are quite accommodating and have most of the luxuries you enjoy at home.

Have fun with it, go with the flow, make a plan and stick to it! I trust you will have a positive experience if you follow these recommendations.  Best of luck!

Dave Kimbrough
The Kimbrough Team



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