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What Are The Most Valuable Upgrades In New Construction Homes?


My husband and I are buying a new construction home and are very excited to build a house we love. We’ve decided on our lot and are about to meet with our builder to decide on some major aspects of the home. Our question for you is what upgrades should we go for? What holds the most value?  High end finishes vs larger square footage?  I’m sure our builder will also have an opinion, but we’d love to hear what you think as well!

Becca, Grand Junction


Great question! There are many aspects to look at when deciding what lot to choose and which floor plan will best fit your family. Remember to start with the basics and work from there. By basics I mean start with which floor plan will work best.

When choosing a floor plan remember to stick with a few common features that will help retain and increase future value. Some simple things that I believe are here to stay are floor plans with a great room concept design and feature raised or vaulted ceilings, split bedroom concept (master bedroom on one side and secondary bedrooms on the other side of the house), large kitchens, luxury master baths and a 3 car garage. If you are lucky enough to incorporate all these into your floor plan, consider yourself blessed! If you can’t get them all, you will need to prioritize which of these features are most important for your family. Also remember that today’s open concept floor plans live larger than their square foot size so don’t be surprised if a smaller plan lives larger than its actual size. If you are able to find a smaller plan that lives large you can use some of the savings and splurge a little on your finishes. After you have chosen your floor plan, stick with more basics by focusing on how to best position your home on the lot.

If you have options of how to best position your home on the lot you will want to focus on how to maximize back yard, privacy and RV parking. Keep in mind that you will boost your long term value if you position your home on the lot leaving maximum space along the garage side to be used for RV parking. This is an easy one to miss, but if the lot allows enough room to make RV parking make sure you take advantage of it, as it can be a make or break feature for some buyers. Lots are getting smaller and pushing your home forward on the lot can help create a few more feet in the back yard and even a few feet can make a big difference.  After you have conquered the basics of the lot and floor plan, focus on the finishes!

Picking the finishes for your home is the fun part and this is where you will give your home some personality. When you start picking finishes ask yourself how long you are planning on living there? If you plan on this being your long-term home then you might pick finishes that focus more on what you want and less on what will prove easier to sell when the time comes. If you are planning on being there a few years and then moving up or potentially moving out then you might stick closer to a conservative middle ground than on the edge of new trends! Timeless finishes are wood and tile floors, granite counter tops, neutral carpet and wall colors (maybe with a splash of color on an accent wall). Hard to go wrong with any of these and they are all for maintaining and enhancing future home value. Most importantly have fun with the process and choose things that you love!

Dave Kimbrough
The Kimbrough Team


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