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You have stated on multiple occasions that brass fixtures are outdated.  What is the current trend, what will it be next week, next year, or when I decide to sell in a few years?  What would be a neutral selection for cupboard knobs and other fixtures? Every year it is something different so the industry can sell products.

Nancy -Grand Junction


Ok… guilty as charged!  I have mentioned several times over the years that brass is out of style and I will continue to stand by those assertions.   However, I must admit that brass is making a comeback when people are going after a mid-century modern look.  Keep in mind that the vintage look they are after is not necessarily the look in my grandmother’s bathroom with shag carpet and those sexy chandeliers, but a trendier, updated style with a modern twist!  

I also believe that your question pretty much sums up almost every industry that exists… cars, cell phones, televisions, furniture, and the list goes on and on. It is every industry’s job, in fact, it is vital to their continued existence, to come up with new and innovative (or even recycle the old) products to keep the consumers consuming!  Change is the one constant that keeps our economy moving and honestly keeps things interesting.  How boring would it be if we were still watching black and white televisions, driving Model T Fords, or wearing 70’s bell bottoms?  Ok… maybe the bell bottoms might still be kinda cool but, for the most part, it is a good idea that all of these trends rest in peace!  One exception would be 80’s rock and roll…… which will never go out of style IMHO!!

You can run the gamut from oil-rubbed bronze, polished nickel, chrome, brass, rose gold, matte black, or white for your fixture choices, but none guarantees to be the “in” thing when it comes time for you to sell.  My recommendation would be to choose what suits your taste best and be prepared to make changes if need be when the time comes to sell.  Of all the fixture finish choices, it is my opinion that chrome or brushed nickel has the best opportunity to maintain a timeless quality…..least likely would be old-school brass or rose gold.  I think the newer black matte finish has a chance to last, especially in a more industrial or contemporary setting.  I would also suggest that once you choose your fixture finish, let that help guide you in choosing your knobs.  I have seen it done several times and if done right you can mix and match your knobs by using all kinds of different styles or stick with a knob that coordinates with your fixture finish.  Fortunately for you, mixing and matching is in these days so go for it!

Regardless of the route you take, I encourage you to take a road that will bring you joy and choose something that you will love and enjoy living with.  If you are going to sell in the next 2-5 years, my bet would be that nothing you choose will be completely “out” of style by then, so the stakes are probably not very high.  Choose what you like the most and when the time comes to sell you can make some minor adjustments if need be.  I hope this helps and I hope you have fun choosing new fixtures.  

Dave Kimbrough
The Kimbrough Team



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