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Dear Dave, 

My wife and I recently sold our home. Prior to the closing a final walk through was scheduled so that the people buying our home could take a look at it right before closing. We had not planned on their visit and no one told us this would happen until that morning. We were in the middle of packing and moving and it was very uncomfortable for us. They were there for over an hour! 

We would like to know if this is a usual occurrence. What do you recommend? 

Thank you, 

Fruita, CO 


This is a very common occurrence. In the Colorado Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate, section 19.4 specifically spells out the right of the buyer to a “Walk-Through and Verification of Condition”. This is intended to allow the buyer to verify the condition of the property, prior to close, and make sure the property and its inclusions comply with the contract. Our team does a walk thru prior to close on every transaction when working with the buyer and this is to allow everyone to verify that the condition is the same as it was at the time the contract was written and accepted. It is far better to find that the fridge is missing prior to close than after close. Finding problems after closing are then the problem of the new owner. If a fridge was supposed to stay with the house and it was moved to Texas and we discover that after closing somebody is buying a new fridge and deciding who that will be may not be easy. I have bought a few too many fridges, washers, dryers etc. 

What you were victim of was poor agent planning and communication. Your agent should have filled you in advance and let you know that a walk through verification was standard fare and sometimes they can take an hour or so. The buyers are not trying to be troublesome, they are just excited about their new home and probably can’t wait to make it their own. When you are in the closing stages of moving an hour can be quite inconvenient and seem like a lifetime, especially if you were not planning on it.  I am sorry it was uncomfortable, however it is every buyer’s contractual right and your agent should have provided you with some notice so you could plan for it.  Next time you will be prepared and expect their visit and it will not be uncomfortable and you will probably find getting to know them enjoyable!   

Speaking of communication, being that it’s Father’s Day today, take a moment and pick up the phone to give your dear ol dad a call to tell him thanks for doing such a great job raising you.  And to all you dads out there, whatever form you may come in, Happy Father’s Day!  The job is a tough one at times so relax today and “chill” if you’re able to in this 100 plus degree weather. Cheers!   

Dave Kimbrough 
The Kimbrough Team 


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