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A Kimbrough Team Client Story by Jennie Aubert


Kevin Molick and his wife, Paula, moved to Grand Junction last to start their dream company. They chose Grand Junction as their new home to establish the headquarters for Kevin’s teardrop trailer concept, a move that meant leaving Denver and the construction company that he owned and operated. For Kevin, the appeal of the teardrop trailer was their low impact on camp sites and their aesthetics that fit with Kevin’s “just enough” philosophy.

At the beginning, Kevin and Paula had no intentions of starting a business. Kevin just wanted to build something small, comfortable and stylish for he and his wife. They hadn't camped in many years, but with their love of the mountains they wanted to start camping again. This time around they wanted more comfort than a tent. The idea of a retro teardrop trailer began kindling in Kevin’s mind and thus began the prospect of his concept.

“It is such a joy to build these things,” says Kevin. “Largely, my previous construction company was a practicality, but it was often times stressful, and by the time we were done with our home remodels, our clients were glad to have us out of their homes.” With the teardrop trailers, it’s different. Each one is an exciting occasion when buyers arrive to pick up the trailer that they have been waiting on for months. “The buyers have envisioned all the fun things they will do and places they will visit with their travel, and it brings great joy to hand over the keys and paperwork.”

It is such a joy to build these things. The buyers have envisioned all the fun things they will do and places they will visit with their travel, and it brings great joy to hand over the keys and paperwork.
— Kevin Molick, Owner of Timberleaf Trailers

"Each of our client’s stories are unique,” says Kevin. “One couple bought their trailer for their honeymoon and traveled for two weeks, while another man in his late 50s took early retirement because of early onset Alzheimer's.” This gentleman decided to buy a trailer and travel the country while he still could. He traveled 40,000 miles in a year and a half until he was unable.

The move to Grand Junction has proven to be a success. “Business is stressful no matter what,” says Kevin. “But we had to make a decision where to move as we were growing, and I needed a spot that was conducive to growth. I needed a place that had the local environment, and was a city large enough to support our company.” The high desert landscape was appealing to Kevin – near Moab, the Grand Mesa, the Bookcliff Mountains and the Monument – all places where he, his family and clients could go camping.

Leaving Denver to move to Grand Junction and establish their business was a huge move for the Molicks, and finding the right home was important. “We wanted to be very selective and choose the right Realtor to match us with the specific home that we were looking for,” says Kevin. “We knew that this would be our final home for both living and for our business.”

Through a referral, the Molicks were introduced to The Kimbrough Team. From the start, they knew it was the right fit. “Looking at hundreds of homes online, we were able to narrow down our specific wants and needs in the home that we were looking for, and The Kimbrough Team personally assisted us in this search,” says Kevin. “They were easy to work with, especially since we were still in Denver at the time, and they were able to alleviate our stress by helping find a home with all the amenities that we had requested. One day we received a call from The Kimbrough Team, encouraged that they had found the perfect place for us. We hopped in the car, drove to Grand Junction, and fell in love with the property,” says Kevin. “It was the one and only home we ever saw in person.”

The Kimbrough team has used their knowledge of the market and their personal commitment to their clients to match them with their dream homes. Kevin & Paula are just one of the amazing families The Kimbrough Team has had the privilege of working for over the years!

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