Must-Do September Home Improvement & Maintenance Projects

Today on the show Dave and Robert talk about some crucial home improvement and maintenance tasks to get done this fall and save yourself major money down the road! These are easy tasks to check off your list that will ensure you won't have major repairs in the future. As always see the short list below and listen to the show for added tips from Robert and Dave.


Home Maintenance Projects to Complete in September

  1. Check your walkways for cracks and concrete damage.
  2. Clean and repair the siding on your home.
  3. Examine and repair any leaking faucets.
  4. Make sure all windows are sealed correctly.
  5. Change your air filters and check your furnace.
  6. Go out to the shed and service your yard maintenance equiptment

Home improvements that are perfect to do in September

  1. Redo your back decking--now is actually the perfect time of year!
  2. Install a pool--you might get a great discount this time of year! We recommend giving Chad at Rimrock Pools a call.

Why Selling Your Home in the Fall Might Be Great for You!

Waiting to sell your home until the fall? This week we'll talk about how selling in the fall might be a great idea for you! Dave and Robert go outside the box on this show, busting the myth that spring and summer are the only time of year you should put your home on the market.


Why Selling Your Home in the Fall Might Be Great for You!

  1. People who don't have kids in school don't coordinate home buying or selling with summer break and school schedules. There's still a lot of potential buyers looking for homes!
  2. A lot of home shopping happens online now, so it doesn't matter what the weather is like outside. People are looking for homes 24/7.
  3. You can leverage low inventory in the fall to your advantage. Less competition increases your odds of finding a buyer for your home.
  4. A lot of home buyers are slowing down after summer break and have time to start looking for homes.
  5. Take advantage of beautiful fall landscaping and decor to attract buyers. The cozy feeling that fall often brings allows buyers to easily picture themselves living in the home.
  6. Serious home buyers will continue to look for a home no matter what time of year it is, meaning a lot of serious buyers stick it out into the fall season.

Budget Friendly Ways to Improve Your Home Value

We've rounded up some budget friendly ways to improve your home value for this week's show. Get the short list below, then listen to the show for all the details with Robert & Dave + some upcoming football season banter and real estate market updates for the end of summer. Don't miss James from Fidelity Mortgage & Barbara Traylor Smith from Retirement Outfitters who also weigh in on improving home value.


Budget Friendly Ways to Improve Your Home Value

  1. Tune up home systems
  2. Power wash your home's siding
  3. Update your curb appeal
  4. Prune your trees and bushes
  5. Give your house a fresh coat of paint--inside and out
  6. Replace your front door with a steel entry door
  7. Update your kitchen cabinets with a coat of paint or new knobs

Do's and Don'ts for Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

Are you interesting in investing in real estate? This show is a must listen! See the short list of tips below, but don't miss out on Dave's added advice and tips throughout the show.

  1. Do consider investing in real estate as a diversification tool.
  2. Don't over-concentrate your assets in real estate.
  3. Do purchase properties in different areas of town.
  4. Don't purchase multiple homes in the same neighborhood.
  5. Do invest in real estate if your cash flow is already strong.
  6. Don't rush through your cash flow projections!
  7. Do research different cash flow models to calculate an accurate cash flow for your properties.
  8. Do compare your potential real estate cash flow to different investment avenues.
  9. Do talk to someone who already owns investment properties.
  10. Do continue to research and learn about investing!

6 Ways to Attract Baby Boomer Homebuyers + Home Value Killers

We have a two part show this week!

baby boomer homebuyer

6 Ways to Attract Baby Boomer Homebuyers

How can you attract baby boomer homebuyers to purchase your home? Read the short version below and listen to the show for more details from Robert and Dave!

  1. Highlight the pet friendly features of your home.
  2. Don't shy away from contemporary or modern features.
  3. Space isn't your enemy! They may be downsizing, but they also want space for visiting family. 2-3 bedrooms are ideal!
  4. Make sure all your home maintenance is up-to-date. Boomers want their home to be nice and work right!
  5. Showcase activities and amenities in your community or neighborhood. Baby boomers love to take classes, golf, adventure and more!
  6. Baby boomers love technology. If you have smart home features, do not downplay them!

Home Value Killers

What are the biggest potential problems that could effect your home value? Check them out below!

  1. The history of your home: a non-natural death in the home.
  2. Being close to a cemetery.
  3. The home has been used for a growing operation.

10 Things to Avoid if You Want to Get the Most Money for Your Home

Your house is your largest financial asset! If you want to make as much money as possible when you sell your home, listen to this show! Robert and Dave will discuss the top 10 things to avoid in order to make the most money.

  1. Don't ignore your agent's advice!
  2. Don't neglect important repairs prior to listing your home.
  3. Don't settle for anything less than professional photography.
  4. Avoid setting a list price that isn't competitive.
  5. Don't be restrictive with your showing times.
  6. Remember to keep the house tidy for showings!
  7. Don't be present for showings or open houses.
  8. Don't let your pet spoil the sale.
  9. Don't review offers with a closed mind.
  10. Don't overlook closing costs.

How to Upsize Your Home Like a Pro


Whether you're moving into a really large home or you're moving into a home from a one bedroom apartment, we have some helpful tips to help you upsize like a pro!

How do you affordably fill all that new space? And how do you take care of that yard?! We have the answers on this week's show. Take a listen for all the details and check out the short list below.

Tips for inside your home:

  1. Don't buy things just to fill the space!
  2. Start by placing the pieces you already have, and then decide what you need to fill the gaps.
  3. Start with a large piece of furniture and build your style around it.
  4. Place your furniture away from the walls to create natural living spaces.
  5. Don't get hung up on filling every nook and cranny.
  6. Give every room a purpose--don't use extra rooms as storage space!

Tips for your new yard:

  1. Ask for advice from knowledgeable friends and family!
  2. Schedule a consultation with a landscaper to get you started.
  3. Dig in and get to work!

Don't Make These 6 Pricing Mistakes When Selling Your Home!


The single most important decision you make when you go to sell your home is the price! Finding the right price can be hard if you don't get advice, you don't know the market, or you let your emotions set the price. The correct information to price your home is out there, you just have to find it! Take a listen to this show and make sure you don't make these mistakes when you go to sell your home.

Common Pricing Mistakes:

  1. Pricing your home based on homes that are "For Sale" instead of homes that are "Sold".
  2. Putting too much value into home amenities. 
  3. Overvaluing home improvement projects.
  4. Pricing your home on what you need to sell it for instead of what it's worth.
  5. Putting too much stake in your home's Zillow estimate.
  6. Setting a price on your home and letting it sit on the market without changing it.