Asking These Questions Will Save You Money When Buying New Construction Home

New construction homes are popping up everyone in the Grand Valley. We have seen tremendous growth over the last year! In 2016 there were 480 building permits issued. In 2017 there were 667 building permits issued. That's a 40% increase!

It's only fitting that on today's show Dave and Robert go over some questions to ask if you're purchasing a new construction home. And the best part: asking these questions could save you some money!

Read the short list of questions below and listen to the show for exciting and up-to-date information on new construction neighborhoods right here in the Grand Valley!

Questions to ask when purchasing a new construction home

  1. What financial incentives do you offer for using your preferred lender and title company?
  2. What are the standard finishes for the home I'd like to purchase? What features are considered upgrades?
  3. What are the convents and restrictions in this neighborhood?
  4. What are future building plans for this neighborhood?
  5. What warranties do you provide?
  6. Can you connect me with a past client for refferences?
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Beware of These Home Selling Myths

When you go to sell your home, brace yourself for the onslaught of outside advice you'll hear from friends, family and even strangers! While their advice is well intended, beware of common home selling myths that can end up costing you a pretty penny in the long run. Read the short list of myths below and listen to the show for all the details!

  1. Myth: You should only sell your home during the spring and summer.
    This isn't necessarily the case! Selling your home during a non-peak time of year could actually give you an advantage. The bottom line: there isn't really a bad time of year to sell your home. Sell your home when you're ready!
  2. Myth: The market is slow right now, so it's better to wait.
    Of course you want to sell your home when the market is hot, but the market can change daily. It's hard to predict what the market will do! If you're ready to sell, then there's no better time to do it then the present!
  3. Myth: Don't stage or fix anything up. You're moving out!
    Buyers don't want to fix things! They'll just move on to the next house if your house has too many fix-up items.
  4. Myth: You don't need professional photos. iPhone photos look better than ever now!
    You only get one first impression! The first thing people see are photos of your home and you want them to look great! Professional photos are a must.
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How Appraisers Determine Your Home's Property Value


Getting your home appraised is just one of the many steps in getting your home sold. Even though almost every home gets appraised during the selling process, you'd be surprised how little people know about appraisals. On today's show, Robert and Dave go over some of the basics. See a short explanation below and listen to the show for more details, especially a call-in from James Pulsipher who explains more about the relationship between mortgage lenders and appraisals.

Appraisers will take a walk around and inside your home, then use either a sales comparison or cost approach to determine your home's value. The sales comparison approach is used for 98% of homes in the valley. The appraiser uses similar, recently sold homes in your neighborhood plus the condition of your home to determine your home's value.

What appraisers look for:

  • Materials that were used to build your home
  • Condition of your foundation
  • Any obvious signs of disrepair
  • Overall upkeep of your home
  • Your home's amenities that set it apart from other properties
  • Major upgrades in your home

Tips for Selling a Home with Pets

Do you have a dog, cat, hamster, hedgehog, or any other pet? Then this show is for you! Robert and Dave talk about how to sell your home if you own a pet. See the short list below and listen to the show for all the details!


Eliminate Pet Odors!

  1. Throw open the windows and air your house out
  2. Scrub the house down with odor neutralizing products
  3. Wash drapes and upholstery--these tend to hold in smells
  4. Have professionals clean your carpet and flooring
  5. You might need to replace carpet if odors are still present after cleaning

Keep Your House Smelling Great!

  1. Light a mild smelling candle before showings
  2. Control reoccurring pet odors after you've cleaned--crate your dog or keep pets outdoors if it's warm
  3. Make sure pet hair doesn't start accumulating again--vacuum and sweep often

2017 Grand Junction Real Estate Market Recap + 2018 Predictions

On today's show Robert and Dave recap the 2017 Grand Junction Real Estate Market. Last year was the best year we've had since 2008 in our market! They'll talk about how far we've come since 2010 and what we can expect moving into the new year. Listen to the show for all the details!

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2018 Home Design Trends

Today Robert and Dave talk home design trends for 2018 and what trends to leave behind in 2017. See the short list below and listen to the show to hear Robert and Dave's thoughts on each trend.

What's In

  1. Bold Colors
  2. Mixed Metallics
  3. Genzi Yellow (Dave and Robert: "Really?!")
  4. Quartz
  5. Maple, Pine, Hickory
  6. Black Fixtures
  7. Large Tile Flooring

What's Out

  1. All White Interiors
  2. Rose Gold
  3. Granite
  4. Red Toned Wood
  5. Tuscan Themed Anything
  6. Concrete Tiles and Floors
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Typical New Year's Resolutions & How They Relate to Real Estate

Grand Junction Real Estate Advice

Listen to this week's show to hear how some of the New Year resolutions we typically make can also relate to our real estate goals.


Typical resolution: Loose weight.
How it relates to real estate: Get rid of excess possessions in your home and life. This year, commit to only purchasing the things you need.

Typical resolution: Get organized both fiscally & personally.
How it relates to real estate: Decluttering your home presents the perfect opportunity to also organize your home! Take this time to also organize your finances.

Typical resolution: Make financial investments.
How it relates to real estate: Acquire assets and not liabilities. Consider purchasing investment properties this year.

Typical resolution: Quit smoking.
How it relates to real estate: When you go to sell a home it is an absolute MUST to have a smoke-free home. Smoking inside your home will cost you about 10% of your home's overall value when you sell it.

Typical resolution: Spend more time with friends and family.
How it relates to real estate: You might want to consider moving to be closer to friends or family. Or if your family is growing, you might want to purchase a bigger home so you have more space for family activities.

Bonus Goals to Consider:

  • Be kind and nice!
  • Be generous!
  • Focus on things you can control and leave behind things you can't.
  • Make a differnce in something.

5 Tips to Help Your Home Make an Astounding First Impression on Home Buyers

Grand Junction Real Estate Advice


We make up our minds about people within seconds of meeting them. It's no different when you're selling your home. Buyers are making a decision about your home the very first time they see it. On today's show, Robert and Dave have 5 tips to help your home create a great first impression on buyers.

See the short list of tips below and listen to the show for detailed advice.

  1. Break up with your home! Cut emotional ties with your home so it's easier to follow staging and remodel advice from your agent.
  2. Focus on curb appeal. The front of your home is the first photo people will see online. It's important that they are enticed enough to click and see more!
  3. Ask yourself, "If I was buying this home right now, what would I want changed?" Then change those things! 
  4. Clean the clutter! Open up the space in your home by clearing it of any clutter.
  5. Depersonalize your space. Packing up family photos and momentos will allow others to visualize themselves in your home.