Must-Do September Home Maintenance

Today on the show Dave and Robert talk about must-do home maintenance projects before the arrival of fall. See the short list of tasks below and listen to the show for all the details.

Must-Do September Home Maintenance
  1. Check your walkways for cracks or loose paver material. Fix any damage before cold weather sets in. An icy and damaged walkway is a recipe for disaster.

  2. Pressure wash your home.

  3. Inspect your home’s siding and trim for any damage.

  4. Check for leaking or dripping faucets.

  5. Check that your windows are sealed tightly before cold weather sets in.

  6. Sweep the chimney if you have one!

  7. Change your air filter and tune up your furnace.

  8. Care for your lawn mower. Change the air filter, oil and fill the tank with a gas preservative mixture.

  9. Clean your gutters to prevent ice damns and water damage.

  10. Now is a perfect time (and temperature) to recondition your deck or patio.

  11. If you’ve been thinking of replacing your old grill all summer, but haven’t gotten around to it, now might be the perfect time. Most grills will be on sale!