6 Ways to Attract Baby Boomer Homebuyers + Home Value Killers

We have a two part show this week!

baby boomer homebuyer

6 Ways to Attract Baby Boomer Homebuyers

How can you attract baby boomer homebuyers to purchase your home? Read the short version below and listen to the show for more details from Robert and Dave!

  1. Highlight the pet friendly features of your home.
  2. Don't shy away from contemporary or modern features.
  3. Space isn't your enemy! They may be downsizing, but they also want space for visiting family. 2-3 bedrooms are ideal!
  4. Make sure all your home maintenance is up-to-date. Boomers want their home to be nice and work right!
  5. Showcase activities and amenities in your community or neighborhood. Baby boomers love to take classes, golf, adventure and more!
  6. Baby boomers love technology. If you have smart home features, do not downplay them!

Home Value Killers

What are the biggest potential problems that could effect your home value? Check them out below!

  1. The history of your home: a non-natural death in the home.
  2. Being close to a cemetery.
  3. The home has been used for a growing operation.