Grandma's Secret Tips for Household Savings - PART ONE

Dave and Robert start today's show with a Grand Valley Real Estate Market recap for April 2018. Then they discuss a few of Grandma's secret tips for household savings, and James Pulsipher visits the show with ways to save on your mortgage. Check out the short list of tips below and listen to the show for all the details!

Money coins stack growing graph and piggy bank nature background, business concept.
  1. Rent out your extra rooms to earn a little extra cash! This is even easier than back in Grandma's day with VRBO and Airbnb.
  2. Make an extra mortgage payment each year if you can. You'll pay off your mortgage about 6 1/2 years sooner plus save on interest.
  3. Revisit your insurance. Make sure you're not paying for double coverage or coverage you don't need anymore.