How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent for You

Finding the right real estate agent for you is one of the most vital parts of the home buying or selling process. A great real estate agent will make the experience smooth, enjoyable and help you meet your real estate goals. Despite being one of the most important parts of the process, a lot of people don't put a lot of time or thought into choosing an agent. On today's show, Robert and Dave talk about how you can find the right agent for you and make sure you have an enjoyable experience! Read the short list below and listen to the show for more details.

Female Real Estate agent offer home ownership and life insurance to young couple.
  1. Ask your friends and family for any suggestions.
  2. Check online to verify that the agent has great reviews and at least 25 sales in the last year. Experience matters when it comes to problem solving during each unique home buying or selling experience.
  3. Interview the agent in person to get a feel for their personality, work style and communication techniques. You won't be a personality match with every agent. Find one that you like and trust your gut!
  4. Make sure the agent is responsive and quick to answer your questions. This will make a huge difference in how you experience the home buying or selling process.