Investing in Real Estate

Do's and Don'ts for Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

Are you interesting in investing in real estate? This show is a must listen! See the short list of tips below, but don't miss out on Dave's added advice and tips throughout the show.

  1. Do consider investing in real estate as a diversification tool.
  2. Don't over-concentrate your assets in real estate.
  3. Do purchase properties in different areas of town.
  4. Don't purchase multiple homes in the same neighborhood.
  5. Do invest in real estate if your cash flow is already strong.
  6. Don't rush through your cash flow projections!
  7. Do research different cash flow models to calculate an accurate cash flow for your properties.
  8. Do compare your potential real estate cash flow to different investment avenues.
  9. Do talk to someone who already owns investment properties.
  10. Do continue to research and learn about investing!