New Year's Real Estate Resolutions

Typical New Year's Resolutions & How They Relate to Real Estate

Grand Junction Real Estate Advice

Listen to this week's show to hear how some of the New Year resolutions we typically make can also relate to our real estate goals.


Typical resolution: Loose weight.
How it relates to real estate: Get rid of excess possessions in your home and life. This year, commit to only purchasing the things you need.

Typical resolution: Get organized both fiscally & personally.
How it relates to real estate: Decluttering your home presents the perfect opportunity to also organize your home! Take this time to also organize your finances.

Typical resolution: Make financial investments.
How it relates to real estate: Acquire assets and not liabilities. Consider purchasing investment properties this year.

Typical resolution: Quit smoking.
How it relates to real estate: When you go to sell a home it is an absolute MUST to have a smoke-free home. Smoking inside your home will cost you about 10% of your home's overall value when you sell it.

Typical resolution: Spend more time with friends and family.
How it relates to real estate: You might want to consider moving to be closer to friends or family. Or if your family is growing, you might want to purchase a bigger home so you have more space for family activities.

Bonus Goals to Consider:

  • Be kind and nice!
  • Be generous!
  • Focus on things you can control and leave behind things you can't.
  • Make a differnce in something.