Outdoor Space

12 Ideas To Create an Outdoor Space that Wows


Summer has officially arrived and chances are you're about to spend a lot of time outside! Creating an outdoor space is one of the best investments you can make in your house! If you're looking to sell, or even if you're not looking to sell, be sure to check out these ideas and listen to the show to get Dave and Robert's recommendations.

  1. Add a hot tub or spa to your outdoor living space.
  2. Add lighting--string lights, candle light, wall mount lights--take your pick!
  3. Plan a seating area with brightly colored wicker chairs or a modular sectional.
  4. Stencil your patio for a fun, textured look.
  5. Add a pergola (Dave's favorite idea!) to define your hang out zone.
  6. Add curtains to dress up the space and create privacy.
  7. Create a bar or kitchen area.
  8. Get creative with storage space.
  9. Wow with unique and decorative planters.
  10. Add shutters and flower boxes to your windows.
  11. Add a fire pit or patio flame table.
  12. BE CREATIVE--the sky is the limit!