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Common Real Estate Myths BUSTED!

The Grand Junction Real Estate Report

There is a lot of information out there about the real estate process, but often times it's confusing to sort through it all and understand how the process really works. On today's show, Robert and Dave clear up the myths that most people believe about buying or selling a home. See the short list of myths below and listen to the show to hear the myths BUSTED!



  1. All agents are created the same.

  2. Real estate agents are paid a salary.

  3. You must have 20% for a down payment.

  4. You have to have perfect credit to buy a home.

  5. Agents keep all the commission on the sale of a home.

  6. Typical commission is 6% of the home sale.

  7. An agents mileage and operating expenses are reimbursed.

  8. Marketing expenses are paid for by the brokerage, not the agent.

  9. A home will "pass" or "fail" an inspection.

  10. Fall and winter are a bad time to sell.

  11. Only real buyers shop on the weekends.

Housing Market Predictions for 2017

What does the housing market look like for 2017? Robert and Dave discuss expert predictions for the upcoming year. Hear their thoughts on the predictions below by listening to this week's show.

1. Homeowners' net-worth will continue to increase. The average homeowner's equity has increased by $11,000 over the last year.

2. Revised mortgage regulations will continue to make mortgages easier to secure.

3. Rental costs will level off.

4. The number of cash buyers will go from above average to average.

5. New construction homes are getting smaller to accommodate market demand.

6. Inventory will remain tight. 

7. The market will continue to get easier for first-time home buyers.

8. Baby boomers will have a big impact on the market and they look to downsize or move closer to family.

The Real Estate Report: 2016 & 2017 Building Trends

Robert and Dave discuss building trends that have surfaced in 2016 and how many of them will carry over into 2017. Learn about designs, building methods, sustainability and features that are embracing the way we live today.