Spring maintenance tips for home

8 Quick & Easy Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

We are so excited that spring is here! Before you invite the friends over for endless barbecue and Moscow Mules remember that in the game of home ownership a pound of prevention could save you thousands in repair costs. We have a list of quick and easy maintenance tasks that will save you money in the long run. Read the short list below and listen to the show for all the details! 

Beautiful colorful tulips in front of a house
  1. Walk around your house and assess its condition. Look for damaged downspouts, cracked paint, missing shingles on the roof, etc.
  2. Check out your deck and make sure there's nothing that needs special attention. Look for wobbly posts, settling, missing flashing ledger boards, etc.
  3. Test and replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  4. Check that your sprinklers and watering systems are working properly.
  5. Give your flower beds a fresh start with new flowers and fresh mulch.
  6. Tune up your lawn mower with new oil and filters.
  7. Make sure to clear your home's gutters of debris.
  8. Take a quick look in your crawl space and make sure there's no water inside.