downsizing before selling

Market Update + 6 Signs You Might Want to Downsize

During the first part of this week's show, Robert and Dave discuss the current market for Grand Junction Real Estate. Listen to the show for their opinions and follow along with our Monthly Market Stats Report. Next they'll go over some signs that it might be time to downsize + some tips for downsizing. Check out the signs and tips below, then listen to the show for their advice.


6 Signs You Might Want to Downsize + Helpful Tips for Downsizing

  1. You are retiring.
  2. You are starting to feel overwhelmed with maintenance.
  3. You have a lot of unused rooms in your home.
  4. You are in financial trouble.
  5. You could make big money on your house.
  6. You want to see more of your family.

Tips for Downsizing

  1. Visualize the new space.
  2. Declutter smartly.
  3. Consider getting outside help.
  4. Sell what you can!