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Things to Know When Researching Your Home Value Online

Chances are you've researched your home value online, but there are some things you should beforehand to make sure you're coming up with an accurate number. It is essential to use a combination of a listing agent's expertise and guidance, plus online websites to help you find your home's value. Local market information is available online, but only a listing agent can help you value the small nuances of your home. 

Listen to today's show to learn everything you need to know about researching your home value online!


How Appraisers Determine Your Home's Property Value


Getting your home appraised is just one of the many steps in getting your home sold. Even though almost every home gets appraised during the selling process, you'd be surprised how little people know about appraisals. On today's show, Robert and Dave go over some of the basics. See a short explanation below and listen to the show for more details, especially a call-in from James Pulsipher who explains more about the relationship between mortgage lenders and appraisals.

Appraisers will take a walk around and inside your home, then use either a sales comparison or cost approach to determine your home's value. The sales comparison approach is used for 98% of homes in the valley. The appraiser uses similar, recently sold homes in your neighborhood plus the condition of your home to determine your home's value.

What appraisers look for:

  • Materials that were used to build your home
  • Condition of your foundation
  • Any obvious signs of disrepair
  • Overall upkeep of your home
  • Your home's amenities that set it apart from other properties
  • Major upgrades in your home

Budget Friendly Ways to Improve Your Home Value

We've rounded up some budget friendly ways to improve your home value for this week's show. Get the short list below, then listen to the show for all the details with Robert & Dave + some upcoming football season banter and real estate market updates for the end of summer. Don't miss James from Fidelity Mortgage & Barbara Traylor Smith from Retirement Outfitters who also weigh in on improving home value.


Budget Friendly Ways to Improve Your Home Value

  1. Tune up home systems
  2. Power wash your home's siding
  3. Update your curb appeal
  4. Prune your trees and bushes
  5. Give your house a fresh coat of paint--inside and out
  6. Replace your front door with a steel entry door
  7. Update your kitchen cabinets with a coat of paint or new knobs

How to Tell if the Time is Right to Sell Your Home

Should you sell your house? This week Robert and Dave will discussion the questions you should answer to help you decide if the time is right. These include:

1. What is my home equity?

2. Is it a buyer's or seller's market?

3. What's up with interest rates on mortgages?

4. Have your housing needs changed?

5. Can I actually afford to move?