Finding the perfect place to blossom

After years of cancer treatments, Rose and Andrew Bull find joy on the Western Slope with a short commute and a beautiful space to garden

A Kimbrough Team Client Story by Jennie Aubert


Andrew and Rose Bull first fell in love with Grand Junction in 2012 when they brought their youngest son Justin for enrollment at Colorado Mesa University.

“The college was wonderful and treated us with such respect,” said Rose. “We toured wineries and explored Grand Junction during orientation. We enjoyed the small town feel of the area—it was so pleasant.” Justin spent two years at CMU before joining the Marines. With Justin’s move, the Bull’s lost their connection to Grand Junction for a while.

In 2017, just a few years after Justin’s enlistment, Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time of her diagnosis, Andrew and Rose were living on the Eastern planes of Colorado in Akron where Rose worked in animal control and rescue, and Andrew worked for the Audubon Granary. Rose immediately started cancer treatments in Ft. Collins, prompting the Bulls to sell their home in Akron and move in with Rose’s sister in Denver. They had hoped this shared living arrangement would last a short while, but affordable housing just wasn’t available.

“It was a hardship to drive an hour and a half each way for my treatments while I was living in Denver,” said Rose. “I had to make this trip three times a week, but we survived.”

Rose and Andrew Bull with their son Justin.

Rose and Andrew Bull with their son Justin.

When they saw their home, they knew it was the one. It met all of Andrew’s requirements and came with a large backyard for Rose to lovingly landscape this spring and summer.

During these challenging times, Andrew pursued job opportunities that would bring he and Rose back to the Western Slope. He applied for a job with a maintenance crew for set up and events at CMU, and in October 2018 was offered the job. It was a bittersweet celebration—while excited about the move to Grand Junction, Rose had been re-diagnosed with cancer. With a positive attitude and a strong spirit, Rose transitioned her treatments to Grand Junction.

With the convenience of short commutes in the Grand Junction area, things are much easier now for Rose to travel to her medical appointments. “My treatments are just a 10 or 15-minute drive,” said Rose. “The treatment center here has been wonderful to me, and has helped me get my life back to where it used to be.”

Looking for the right home during their move last fall meant finding a modest home with a convenient location to Rose’s treatment center. The Bulls contacted The Kimbrough Team who helped them start their journey to finding the perfect fit. The Kimbrough Team managed the urgency of finding a place to accommodate Andrew’s new career, while taking into consideration all of the things that were important to the Bulls in their future home. The Kimbrough Team was able to find quite a few matches that were turn-key ready, fit their price range and met Rose’s one request: a spacious backyard for Rose’s passion for gardening.

When they saw their home, they knew it was the one. It met all of Andrew’s requirements and came with a large backyard for Rose to lovingly landscape this spring and summer. “With the help of the Kimbrough Team, we are starting a whole new life for us here in Grand Junction,” said Rose.

The Kimbrough Team was pleased to help make the Bulls move to Grand Junction a smooth transition, and are most excited to see how Rose transforms the backyard into something beautiful. With their knowledge of the market and their personal commitment to their clients, The Kimbrough Team was able to match the Bulls with their dream home.

Andrew and Rose are just one of the amazing families The Kimbrough Team has had the privilege of working for over the years! Each and every one of our clients has a story...stay tuned for more!

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